Homer's Travels: Music: Mumford & Sons W/ Blake Mills

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Music: Mumford & Sons W/ Blake Mills

Tuesday night the Wife and I went to a Mumford & Sons' concert at Omaha's Centurylink Center.  It turned out to be a nice evening.

The warm up act was Blake Mills.  I didn't get his music.  It seemed chaotic, non-melodic, and had little rhythm.  It was hard to tell one song from another.  This resulted in Blake Mills replacing Girls With Guns as the worst warm up act I've ever had the misfortune to experience.  We left part way through to get some eats and drinks.  By the size of the crowd outside the arena we weren't the only ones who didn't get Blake Mills' music.

Mumford & Sons took the stage and pretty much wowed everyone.  Everyone except the loud a$$ed lady behind us who had to talk loudly to her boyfriend/date through most of the show.   Even my death stare failed to quiet her.

Despite the loudmouth we still enjoyed the concert.  You could feel the energy in the crowd as they lit up the arena with their phones and sang along with the songs.  It was fun when Marcus Mumford (the lead singer) ran through the crowd, up the stairs not far from us and went up into the upper level singing the whole way.  It was nice seeing him mixing it up with the fans.

We both really hadn't done our homework.  It always helps to know the music of the band you are listening to.  I knew of Mumford & Sons but I only recognized three songs the entire evening (not including the cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire"*).  The Wife only recognized one (plus the cover).  We both enjoyed the concert but we would have enjoyed it more if we'd been familiar with more songs.

* Embarrassing story:  We both recognized the cover song but for the life of us neither of us could think of who sang it.  When we got home and Googled it we were like D'OH!  Major couple senior moment.

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