Homer's Travels: Comedy: Amy Schumer With Rachel Feinstein

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Comedy: Amy Schumer With Rachel Feinstein

I haven't been to much live comedy in my life.  I saw Yakov Smirnov way back in college, David Sedaris back in 2010, and went to a local improv show in Ventura, CA during our Route 66 trip.   So I wasn't sure what I would experience when I went to see Amy Schumer in the Centurylink Center (same venue as the Mumford & Sons concert a few days earlier).  The Wife was not with me.  Amy Schumer can be a bit risque and the Wife was worried that it would not look good for a Catholic School teacher to be seen there.

My first impression as I sat down was I was surrounded my an inordinate number of women.  Eventually I saw more men coming in so I didn't feel so out of place.

The show started a bit late with Amy Schumer's brother's avant garde jazz band.  Not a big fan (but not as bad as Mumford & Sons' warm up band).  I prefer more structure to my music.

The jazz was following by a short set from Rachel Feinstein.  She was ok.  Made me laugh a few times.  She was promoting her new special on Comedy Central.  The show is titled "Only Whores Wear Purple."  Ouch!  Two days after the death of Prince.  Talk about bad timing.

Amy came on and delivered a pretty good hour long set of raunchy humor that often made your toes curl ... in a funny way.  The laughs came at a good consistent rate.  The only thing that fell a bit flat for me was when she tried to tie in her material with Omaha/Nebraska/Iowa.  It felt she'd done her research in the big book of stereotypes.  Lots of corn and cow tipping jokes.

I enjoyed the show.  The Wife would have liked it I think.  Now to start watching the new season of Inside Amy Schumer.

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