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Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Passing Of A Traveling Companion

I returned from my camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday without an old friend.  On Thursday, as I hiked to my last campsite of the trip, a nasty wind blew off my trusty Tilley Hat.  Normally I would have noticed it immediately but I was wearing my new Buff under the hat to keep sweat from running in my eyes.  The Buff feels surprisingly like you are wearing a hat.  I didn't notice the hat was missing until I arrived at my campsite and tried to take it off.

The next day I checked at the trailhead and at the backcountry office where all lost and found items are taken.  There was no sign of my old friend.  I was a bit heartbroken.

Me and Tilley Hat go back seven and a half years.  He was a Christmas gift from the Wife (though I picked him out personally) back in 2007.  Since then me and Tilley Hat explored the trails of California, Nebraska, and Iowa.  We traveled the world together going to Jordan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.  We completed two Caminos together in Spain.  We nearly completed my first multi-day camping trip ... but it was not to be.

I hope the Tilley Hat wasn't jealous of my new AT Buff.  I hope it didn't leave in a fit of spite, having to share the same head.  If Tilley Hat is still out there and can see this, you will always be my first and you will always be the better of the Buff.

I will now test the Tilley lifetime warranty and see if I can find a replacement for my trusty Tilley ... at half price.  No matter how new it is, or how cost effective, it will never be the first.

Tilley Hat

Dec 2007 - Aug 2015

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