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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Last Exploration Of The Summer

I've had a full summer.  Our New England Trip and then RAGBRAI.  Today I'm heading for my last big experience of the summer:  Rocky Mountain National Park for a four night, five day camp.  This will be my first multi-day camping trip so wish me luck.

My pack is coming it at around 37 lb (16.8 kg), a bit heavier than I'd hoped but that includes everything.  Food and water stuff, sleeping stuff, tent stuff, clothing stuff, toiletries stuff, first aide stuff, and, my luxury item, my tablet and external battery.  My luxury item probably adds the extra weight.  Also, as usual, I'm probably carrying more water than I need.  I'm carrying two liters.  I'm sure after day one that will probably be reduced to one liter (it's a lesson I've learned repeatedly but I'm always overly cautious the first few days when it comes to water).  As I drink and eat the weight will go down,

The weather forecast is, of course, changing as I get closer to the park.  There are thunderstorm chances everyday but the latest shows the longest expected period of precipitation is an hour.  I hope that forecast is right.  If not, I hope it overestimated the rainfall.  If not that, I will have a learning experience that will serve me well on the Appalachian Trail.

Unexpected for me were the forecasted temperatures.  The highs are in the mid 50s to the lower 60s.  The lows at night will be dipping down into the 30s with 32°F being the coldest.  It also appears it will be windy which I'm sure will make putting up my tent a breeze.  These temperatures are another reason my pack is heavier - I had to pack warm weather clothes including my base layer, my half-zip, and my rain jacket.  This added a few pounds too.  On the other hand, the cool weather will make the hiking more comfortable.

It will be an interesting first day for sure.  The most weight on the day with the most elevation climb.  Hopefully my RAGBRAI leg muscles will help me get through.

I hope to take more pictures than I did on RAGBRAI.  It should be easier to do at 2 mph than at 12 mph.

One interesting side note.  The Wife insisted that I buy bear spray.  This is the first time she has condoned me buying anything remotely hazardous.  Watch out world!

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