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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Planning The Next Adventure

Well, we returned from New England almost a month ago and I've finished RAGBRAI so it was time to see our travel agent to put together next year's international trip.  We'd discussed a couple options. The first option was a return to South America where all our international vacations started back in 2006 (Peru).   The second was Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.  We dismissed this second one because of the political situation in the area.  Instead we returned to our first choice.

The vacation will include the following destinations roughly in this order:
  • Quito, Ecuador and a small boat cruise through the Galapagos Islands.
  • Santiago, Chile and Easter Island.  Since we have a few extra days in our itinerary we will be spending a couple extra days in Santiago.
  • Iguassu Falls (Brazil) and a short cruise down the Amazon River.
  • A few days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We'd hope to go to Rio after Easter Island and before Iguassu Falls but we couldn't make it work out so we moved it to the end and added the Santiago days instead.
We'd hoped to add a few days in Havana, Cuba to the end of this vacation but things didn't work out for that either ... but ... we will be going to Havana in March of next year during the Wife's spring break.

Nothing like two international vacations in the same year.  At one time we thought the South America portion was going to be less than three weeks long and we sort of felt disappointed.  It turns out it will be around twenty-six days which makes us feel much better.  We've become such travel snobs.

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