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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Reasonable Facsimile Of Normality

A few weeks ago I hinted that I was getting back to my routine after being on vacation for a couple of weeks.  That isn't really true.

I have been out of my routine for a few months now.  RAGBRAI training has bitten three to four hour chunks every few days since early spring.  With the arrival of summer, a season I regard as the great routine killer, vacations, family reunions, school breaks, and other activities associated with June, July, and August leave the shredded remains of routine strewn around in their wake.  With the quickening approach of RAGBRAI and my RMNP camping trip soon after, the few remaining fragments of my routine have been thoroughly ground into dust.

I am a man who likes his routine.  I gain comfort from the well worn schedule.  This summer (and a bit of the spring thanks to RAGBRAI) has been a bit discomforting to me.  I think that is what has been driving my funk for the last few months.

So today.  Today, a day when I should have been riding my bike, I spent my day deeply ensconced in my normal Saturday routine.  I had a relaxing morning and read my book while I did laundry in the afternoon.  The remainder of my time will be dedicated to blog post editing and chillin'

The day's routine had not been exactly normal.  I am fur baby sitting the Wife's niece's dog, Cooper.  Both Cooper and Iago have been behaving themselves so the routine has not been disrupted very much, if at all.  Also, the Wife would normally be here but she is spending the weekend at her Parents' lake house.  In a way you could argue that this is actually part of a bigger routine.  Why?  Today is out eighteenth wedding anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the WIFE) and it has become rather routine that we are not together on our anniversary.  I haven't really kept close track but I think we could count the number of anniversaries we spent together on one or one and a half hands.  (The anniversary is sort of connected to my birthday in that we also tend to celebrate it apart - this year I will be on RAGBRAI on my birthday.)

Despite these minor differences, I've managed to put together a reasonable facsimile of my normal routine and, while it hasn't done anything to get me ready for RAGBRAI or my camping trip, I think it's done wonders for my sanity.

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