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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm Either Ready ... Or I'm Not

I finished my RAGBRAI training yesterday.  I was going to finish it today but I used the weather as an excuse not to.  The forecast turned out to be mostly wrong so I could have squeezed in one more training ride but, really, would one more ride really make a difference at this point?  I hope the answer is not much at all.

My training regime, as it were, was a struggle between dedication, procrastination, denial, and urgency.  I know I didn't live up to the plans I had at the first of the year.  I take solace in the fact that I didn't train as hard as I wanted before my first Camino either and I did just fine.  Ready or not, I will be riding RAGBRAI next week.

On Saturday the Wife will take me, the Brother-in-Law, our bikes, and our bags to Sioux City, IA.  On Sunday we dip our rear tires in the Missouri River and start pedaling west.  Seven days later we reach Davenport, IA and we dip our front tires in the Mississippi River and our RAGBRAI will be officially done.  In between the tire dips will be a lot of sweat, sore muscles, camaraderie, good food, and good times.  At least that's what I hope happens.

RAGBRAI will be one of the toughest challenges I have ever subjected myself to.  It tops walking 616 miles on the Camino I think.  Physically I think I can do it.  It will be tough and my body will be challenged but my mind will probably be tested the most.  I will find out just how much I can endure.

I will try my best to not give up.  I will try my best to finish the regatta,  I will try my best to push through the pain ... and I will try my best to endure the mental anguish that I know I will subject myself to all along the way.  To my Brother-in-Law I promise to try my best not to let my mental anguish show - no one likes a complainer.

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