Homer's Travels: Wow ... A Month Behind Us Already?!?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wow ... A Month Behind Us Already?!?

Since last summer time seems to just fly by.  January was no different.  I should take some time to look back at what I did.

It was a good month, I think.  Nothing terrible happened and a few good things happened.  Can't ask for much more than that I think.  The month only had one big event, the month being more of a month of small things.  The one big event this month was the Fleetwood Mac concert that was, sadly, cut short.

The small things included tightening up my personal organization in a successful attempt to lift my spirits.  Part of my organizing involves training for future physical efforts.  I continued to ride my bike on the training stand while watching Netflix documentaries.  This month I managed 378.2 miles (608.6 km) spread out over ten rides.  My goal have been three rides a week so I came up a smidgin short (I was supposed to ride tonight but I'm writing this post instead).  Next month I hope to increase the time, and hence the distance, of my rides.

Once a week I've been  going for long urban treks.  I walked a satisfying 87.6 miles (141 km) over five hikes.  The longest was yesterday when I managed 18.76 miles (30.2 km).  I look forward to my weekly walks, possibly because I tend to stop at convenience stores along the way to buy snacks.

Speaking of biking and walking and other physical efforts, I signed up for RAGBRAI and I also filled out my campsite registration form for Rocky Mountain National Park.  It's nice to see plans moving along.

Speaking of organization and planning, the Wife has started looking through AAA books planning our New England trip this summer.  I'll be doing the same soon so that we can pin down a schedule and tickets/reservations can be made.  Initial plans have us flying into Boston and driving around most of the New England states including a day in New York City.  I'm sure I will post more about the trip once plans get more nailed down.

Finally a lot of my time has been filled with reading.  I finished five books this month.  Goodreads says I'm three books ahead of schedule so I must be doing well.

I hope you all had a good January.  Onward into February, the shortest month, that will surely fly by even faster.

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