Homer's Travels: Microsoft Tech Support ... F**** You!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Microsoft Tech Support ... F**** You!!!

For the last year or two ... maybe more ... we've received phone calls from someone claiming to be Microsoft Tech Support or some variation of that.  They invariably have an Indian accent.  They are mostly men but I have also received calls from women as well.  The women's calls have all been similar in that you could hear children in the background.  All of these people claim that my computer is infected by some malware.  All of these calls are a scam.  These scams are common enough that Microsoft has a page dedicated to the phone scams.  You can read about the scams here.

The first time I got one of these calls I soon realized it was a scam, I told the gentleman that he was a fraud and hung up.  The next time I was not in a good mood so I used some choice words.  After that when they called I used language that should have made their hair curl.

The Wife wasn't very happy about this.  She thought I should be more respectful while rejecting them.  Here is how I feel.  These people are trying to steal my money.  They are not nice people.  If they are not going to be nice to me, why should I be nice to them?

This morning I received another call.  I called him a fraud, used some smoldering language, and hung up.  To my surprise the phone rang again a minute later.  This time he did not pretend to be Microsoft Tech Support.  He basically threw my language back at me.  He was cursing like a drunken sailor.  He suggested that he was doing unspeakable acts with my daughter ... and she was apparently very good at it (I do not have any children).  After a while I just started to laugh and even thanked him when he called me foul things.  I guess I must of pushed one of his buttons.  He finally gave up and hung up.

Since those calls this morning there has been a couple hangups and another call from Microsoft Windows tech support (a different Indian voice though).  I decided after the morning calls that I would just stop feeding the trolls.  This time I simply hung up after he identified himself.  I probably should have been doing this all along.

I'm hoping that I'm now not on some "call and bother this idiot" list.  We'll see.  I guess I can always change our phone number.


  1. I just tell them I do not have a computer and they hang up.

    1. Mom: That's what I should do but it wouldn't be as cathartic ;-)