Homer's Travels: Music: Fleetwood Mac At The Pinnacle Bank Arena ... Cut Short

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Music: Fleetwood Mac At The Pinnacle Bank Arena ... Cut Short

Saturday we had an awesome evening planned.  It didn't quite work out as we'd hoped but it was still pretty awesome.

The night started with us going to Lincoln to the haymarket area to have dinner.  We wanted to eat at Lazlo's but the two hour wait turned us away.  We ended up around the corner at Brewsky's instead where we only had to wait an hour for our food to arrive.

After dinner we walked the couple blocks to the Pinnacle Bank Arena to enjoy the expected two to three hour concert.  We bought some snacks and drinks and found our seats.  They were good seats with clear views of the stage.  The people around us were hardcore, pre-lubricated, Fleetwood Mac fans and were ready for the show.  While the Wife and I usually come close to winning the oldest in the room awards at the concerts we go to, for this one we would be closer to the youngest in the room.  The sold out arena was a sea of grey hair.

The show started about fifteen or twenty minutes late and I was surprised to see there was no warm up band.  Fleetwood Mac took to the stage and started what was going to be twenty-four song play list.  Despite the members pushing the upper sixties (Christine McVie is seventy-one) they all sounded great.  This was the first time in a long time that the band was complete.  In prior shows Christine McVie did not participate.  During the concert nearly every member took their turn thanking McVie - her butt was thoroughly kissed.

After playing some awesome songs most of the band went backstage leaving Lindsey Buckingham to do a few solos as well as a few duets with Stevie Nicks.  The band came back out and gathered in a huddle.  These seemed a bit strange since concerts are planned out before hand and there really isn't a need for this kind of onstage pow-wow.  Stevie turned to the crowd and we learned the bad news.  Mick Fleetwood was sick.  He was back stage throwing up.  For the first time in forty years they would not be able to complete the show.

They ended up doing two more songs.  Their drum technician (Steve!) sat in for Mick for a rendition of  "Go Your Own Way".  He was so good we all hoped they could finish the show with him subbing but it was not to be.  The show ended with Christine McVie singing "Songbird" with help of Lindsey Buckingham.

The show was cut short by about eight songs and about an hour.  It was cut short but it didn't fail to please.  Stevie Nicks promised they would be back so we could see a complete show but ... I'll believe it when I get the email saying we have tickets. We still got ninety minutes of awesome memories and music.

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