Homer's Travels: Winter's Last Gasp

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Winter's Last Gasp

It's spring, right?  April showers, right?  This is what it looks like outside right now:

Winds are in the teens, gusting to the twenties, and the snow is 'falling' horizontally.  The wind slid our barbecue to the center of our deck.  The north side of everything is plastered with snow.  The dead tree in the picture lost it's south half - blown over by the wind sometime this morning.

The wonderful thing about Midwest weather is that all the snow we are getting today will be completely gone by tomorrow afternoon.  It's practically melting on contact with the ground.

I'm looking forward to the rain.  I like rain to a certain extent.  It can often ruin my plans but the sound of the falling rain can be so relaxing.  It also helps that the Boston.com photo contest theme for April is April Showers.  Hopefully I get a winning picture this month.


  1. Sunday: mid-70's. Nice breeze. So clear you could see the ocean from the Angeles.

    Just 'sayin. ;)

    (Note that I did not include details like the fact that it took 90 minutes to reach the trailhead due to CalTrans closing freeways...)

  2. I've had anough snow until next winter. We have temp's in the 20's the past two days and it has been glorious!

  3. GH: :-P They're saying that winter is officially over so we will be in the 70s soon. It's 60 right now.

    JaG: It's amazing how temps in the 20s and 30s can feel so good after temps in the teens.

  4. You know she's talkin Celsius, right? ;)