Homer's Travels: Haverhill Debate Society

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haverhill Debate Society

This weekend we went to the Haverhill Social Club for a get together of the Wife's family.  This is the second time we've met up there and I think it will become a new family tradition s everyone there had a great time.  Unlike out last time, since the social club now serves food, we decided to not bring Homer with us.  My Mom house/Homer sat for us.  THANKS MOM!

The five or so hours that we spent there was filled with drink, food, drink, discussion, drink, cigars, and more drink.  The GodSon brought his girlfriend  and she was introduced to the others in the extended family.  Very nice young lady - that makes me sound old but she's too old to be a 'girl' and too young to be just a 'lady'.  Anyway, we all like her and she seemed to fit right in.

The highlight of the visit, second only to the people, was getting to visit the basement of the bar.  This place is pretty old and the basement is full of cool old bar stuff.  The basement is accessed through a door in the floor.  I don't think the owners liked us going down there but we weren't listening and just open it up and streamed down the stairs.  Spooky, dusty, dank, and awesome! That's what it was.

After we left the social club we went to the hotel in nearby Marsalltown where the party continued in the pool and hot tub.  The hot tub, where I spent all my time, was a little too hot.  I felt like I was being boiled like a lobster so I ended up sitting on the side and boiled just my feet.  The highlight here was trying to figure out the tactful way to tell someone that their junk was out of their trunks.  The answer turned out to be by cell phone.

After the pool came the gathering in the hotel's breakfast area.  The main topics here, as they always seem to be, were controversial political and social questions - the Iowa same sex marriage thing being the newest addition to our lively and thoroughly entertaining discussions.  I've concluded that the items we talk about have no solutions being, as they are, antithetical to compromise.  All this means is we will never run out of things to talk about and thank God for that.  Our discussion with these people is what I enjoy the most.

With all the fun that was had, I have to say that a lot happened that probably shouldn't have.  Things lubricated by the liberal flow of alcohol.  Things forgotten because of the alcohol.  It is also fair to say that no real harm was done and it will all be a great story to tell the next time we get together.


  1. Sounds like a great deal of fun. I assume the invites for JaG and me must have been lost in the mail, right? ;)

  2. GH: You guys are always welcome but, for some reason, you don't like the drive ;-)

  3. I snorted my drink out at the junk on the loose! Hahahaha!!!

  4. JaG: It was funny ... and please wipe your nose ;-D