Homer's Travels: Nebraska Updates The Rules

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nebraska Updates The Rules

Last month I wrote about the Nebraska Geopicting contest. I submitted my pictures a couple of days before the end of the contest period and, at that time, the leader had a couple hundred votes. Within 24 hours the leader had jumped over 1,800 votes. It seemed a little suspicious to me since the contest wasn't that well known. It didn't help that the picture in the lead seemed mediocre to me. I can't remember where the voting peeked at but the explosive growth in votes had a definite rotten smell to it.

Apparently the state of Nebraska is learning a little about photography contests on the internets. I received an e-mail from them this morning saying that all the losing pictures were automatically entered into the next quarterly contest (I already knew this) and that previous vote counts would be zeroed out. They also linked to updated rules. Two of the rules are interesting:

"- One vote per photo per person will be accepted each quarter. Any suspicious voting practices may cause the votes and/or the photo to be discounted and/or disqualified.
- The Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Travel and Tourism Division reserves the right to remove any votes or contestants for any reason."
Gee, I wonder if someone padded their votes ...


  1. LOL - sounds like the contest people are going to start recording IP addresses along with votes...

  2. GH: Sure sounds that way. Maybe this time I'll have a chance at winning.