Homer's Travels: Our First Roller Derby

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our First Roller Derby

Last night we went to Skate Daze to watch our first Roller Derby Match (not sure what a race is called - race? match?).  We frankly didn't know what to expect and I think we were pleasantly surprised.  The match was between the Omaha Rollergirls (O.R.G.) and the North Star Supernovas from Minnesota.

The Wife and I found it easier to follow than we expected.  I was expecting to be totally lost but I think I caught on pretty quickly.  I'm not sure what I liked most, the derby action or the names of the skaters.  Olive U. Dye - Scarlet O'Scara - Fun!  The only disappointment - no fights.  Come on!  We wanted some blood!

The Omaha Roller Girls (in red and black) were trounced by the North Stars (in green and black).  I can't remember the score but it was something like 100+ to 60+.  

I took over 90 pictures but very few came out - Too dark and too fast.  I got a lot of great pictures of blur but that was about it.

I scored a cool O.R.G. t-shirt for my collection.

Going into this I fully expected that the Wife would recognize one of her students, something that seems to happen often.  I was close.  Turns out one of the North Star Supernovas is a friend  of the GodSon and Altar Boy.  The Wife had met her before when she was something like 14 years old. 

We wouldn't have known this at the time but I posted a Facebook status update saying we were going to the roller derby which apparently initiated a flurry of phone calls in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.  Next thing you know the Matron of Honor is calling us to tell us that a friend was on the North Star Team.  Turns out that Stalker Channing, (#V) was an alternate and didn't take the rink but we did manage to say our hellos after the match.  Actually, she saw us as we approached and asked "Are you [the GodSon's] cousins?"  The miracle of Facebook.

I foresee more derby in the future for us.


  1. Whoa, that *is* weird. I knew she was a roller girl but I didn't realize they traveled around to other areas. I'm going to have to go to a derby up here sometime and check out the action.

  2. MH: I thought you were involved int the conversation last night. Humph, I guess I was wrong. You should go sometime. It was fun.

  3. So were the girls hot? (Sorry, I know that's so totally a single-guy question to ask...)

  4. GH: If I were not happily married and I were single, there were a few I might hit on. Unfortunately, they would probably hit back harder :-)

  5. JaG: I don't believe that for a second.