Homer's Travels: Huh?!?

Monday, February 09, 2009


It's the 9th of February in Omaha, Nebraska.  39 Days before the official start of Spring.  The middle of Winter.  Why then is there absolutely no snow on the ground?  And to top it off, it's raining.  Not sleet.  Not freezing rain.  The wet, non-freezing, mud making type of rain ... in February.  The average temp in February here is 26°F.  We had two days last week with high in the 60s.  Today it's in the 40s.  

What the F....

UPDATE: The high today was 60°F and the 30 MPH wind blew everything dry. Crazy. Crazy I tells ya.


  1. MH: Thanks! Since so many read using RSS they never see the header.

    I took this panorama in Denali NP in Alaska.

  2. Temp in the 80's, a little windy and the sun is shining. In-laws loving it also.

  3. Hi E. I hear you think I have a potty mouth :-)