Thursday, February 12, 2009

Driving, Walking, And Biking Before The Snow Arrives

I had a good day today.  The weather was wonderful so I did a short walk around downtown Council Bluffs (1.42 miles - it's a small downtown), I visited the Lewis And Clark Monument (There are some trails in the area that I will have to check out later in the spring), and, since there was very little wind today,  I went on a  bike ride (21.09 mile - my personal best distance so far).  I'm glad I got it all in as tomorrow the weather is not so good.  4" to 6" of snow is in the forecast.  I guess that's what I get when I complain about the warm and dry weather.


  1. Yeah, yeah, we know you love the seasons... ;)

  2. GH: Seasons are fine but I'd prefer they didn't all happen over the course of three days.