Homer's Travels: Blooming Old Lady

Monday, February 02, 2009

Blooming Old Lady

The Mom-in-Law gave us a Christmas cactus last month.  The cactus is a cutting from one owned by the Wife's great-grandmother.  We suspect the original plant is close to 100 years old.  This particular clipping is 10 years old.  Since clippings are essentially a clone of the original plant, you could say that our cactus is almost 100 years old as well.  

It started to bloom this weekend and is full of buds.  According to the Mom-in-Law this is the first time in its 10 year sub-life that it has ever bloomed.  It must be happy.


  1. I love Christmas cacti but I generally kill them.

  2. Yea for happy plants! :)

  3. JaG: They are pretty cool but they can be persnickety.

    GH: If the plants are happy, we all are happy.

  4. Your cactus is not only happy, it's on cloud nine! Look at those flowers!

  5. Godefroy: It has even more blooms now. Definitely on Cloud 9.