Saturday, February 24, 2007

Travel Bug Wanderings And The Wandering Of The Mind

I am planning to do another hike tomorrow afternoon and I am planning to drop off the Travel bug that I am currently holding, "NASCAR Rules!". The wife bought me a set of travel bug dog tags a while back and I created "The Mind Wanders ..." travel bug. I had a sponge rubber brain that I received as some advertising promotion so I poked a hole through the brain and threaded the dog tag chain through it. I placed the bug in the "Chupy 7: The Grandparents" cache in January 2003. Over the next three years "The Mind Wanders ..." traveled 6,389.8 miles. You can see the path it took here. Unfortunately the last person who took it never signed it in and the Mind has finally wandered too far. It has gone missing for over a year now. I am considering buying more tags and starting some more bugs.

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