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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Mission Mission ... Incomplete

Sunday, the "J", the wife, and I got back in the car and headed south again, this time to visit three missions - San Diego, San Luis Rey, and San Juan Capistrano. We miscalculated the time needed and we did not visit San Juan Capistrano. Oh well, another roadtrip is in our future.

We left our house at 9:00 and made it down to San Diego before Noon. Mass was still going on at Mission San Diego de Alcala so we found a Chili's nearby and stopped to eat lunch. After our yummy lunch we went back to the Mission and toured, took pictures, and shopped the gift shop. This was the first mission established by Padre Junipero Serra. The mission was similar to the other urban missions we had visited before. While I like going to the missions, they are starting to look the same. The pictures are here.

We left San Diego and drove north to Oceanside, CA to visit San Luis Rey. This Mission was more impressive. We toured the Mission grounds and soon realized that the Mission would soon be closed. We finished the tour, took some pictures, and ... shopped the gift shop. Pictures are here.

We headed for San Juan Capistrano but realized that we weren't going to make it. We decided to reschedule this visit for a later date. I am also looking at going to Mission Nuestro Senora de la Soledad and Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmel up north. The drive would be around nine hours which doesn't sound so bad since some of our recent roadtrips.

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