Homer's Travels: Installment #12: Las Vegas 2002

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Installment #12: Las Vegas 2002

I skipped this trip when I was putting together the vacation installments. This one was in August 2002. We drove to Vegas to go to a Lenny Kravitz concert at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This was the first time we stayed on the strip - The Luxor. Unfortunately, on the way to Vegas we stopped in Barstow to eat lunch at Bun Boy. I don't remember what I had but the wife had a Taco Salad - the Taco Salad from HECK! That night we went to the concert and the Taco Salad attacked resulting in some quality time in the public toilet for the wife.

Despite this unfortunate circumstance, we both enjoyed the concert. Pink warmed up for Lenny. She surprised me. I had heard little of Pink before this and my uninformed impressions was that she was a pop throw away teen queen. I was in error. She was hot and had a great set of pipes. She did a Janice Joplin medley that truly impressed me. (I came home and bought, and liked, a couple of her CDs.) Lenny, of course, was great. Pink made a bigger impact on me because her talent was unexpected. I thought Lenny was great before the concert and his show confirmed my beliefs but it wasn't a surprise.

The next day, the wife still didn't feel well so she stayed in the room. I went for a walk but the temperature - in the 100s - cut my stroll short. I should have gone to the pool to cool off but it didn't feel right without the wife. Later the day, the wife was feeling a little better and we went to see Blue Man Group. The show was good but not great.

That was our last trip to Vegas. I'm sure there are more in the future since we like the shows. Next time though no Bun Boy.

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