Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #54

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #54

  • I went through my camping gear and started a Camino packing pile.   The pile is fairly small since you don't need very much.  You don't need a tent, sleeping bag, food preparation, water purification, or other common camping gear.  You just need clothing, toiletries, and first aid supplies.  You only carry enough food and water for the day's walk.  Different from my other Caminos I will be carrying my phone and tablet.

    Petals from the flowering trees blanketing the park like snow.
  • I walked 26.3 miles (42.3 km) this week.  On Friday it drizzled for about two thirds of the walk.  The wind didn't work well with the umbrella I was carrying but I stayed reasonably dry.  Hiking with an umbrella while using trekking poles is impossible so, on the Camino, the Wife and I will be carrying Ferrino Trekker backpacker coats for those rainy days.
  • A few homeowner issues:
    • The painter/drywaller failed to call to schedule the ceiling repair last week.  This job should have been completed a week ago.  Getting this work finished before we leave for the Camino is looking unlikely.
    • We had our air conditioning inspected this week and everything is hunky dory.  The tech showed up early and did a quick and good job.  Why can't all of these household chores be that easy?
    • I turned on the sprinklers.  The anti-siphon valve that prevents sprinkler water from backing up  into the house plumbing is leaking.  In the past the leaking usually stops in a few days.  I may have to have it replaced when we get home.  We also have a pop up sprinkler head that is sticking so it should be replaced too.
  • I filled out my application for my Government Annuity (part of my retirement benefits).  I will be mailing it this week so that we will start getting monthly checks in August (the month after I turn sixty).  It will be nice to get some regular income even if it won't be that much.

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