Homer's Travels: Camino 2023 - Planning ???

Monday, May 01, 2023

Camino 2023 - Planning ???

I meticulously planned my first two Camino de Santiago hikes.  I had a good idea where I would stop each day - though those plans never played out as I anticipated.  I could do this because for the first Camino I knew what I was capable of and for my second Camino I knew what I and GV were capable of.  For my third Camino - and the Wife's first - I really don't know what we are capable of.

The Wife has never done a multi-day hike like the Camino.  She has been preparing for the past few months, and is doing well, but you really don't know how it will go until you are out on the trail.  As for me, it has been ten years since my second Camino.  Over those years I have felt my capabilities decline.  I think the Appalachian Trail marked the turning point for me physically - the first half I was strong and the back half I was weak.  I think the Wife and I will both be discovering what we are capable of on this Camino.

Since we will both be learning as we go I intend to plan the Camino stops on the fly as well.  There are lots of options for how far you want to walk each day but, looking at the towns along the way, they are not as evenly distributed as I remember so longer days may be inevitable.  We will see how we feel at the end/beginning of each day and then decide where we will stop.  We didn't purchase return tickets so we could have more flexibility and less pressure.  My first Camino was thirty-six days.  My second was forty-two.  My third, and the Wife's first, will likely be somewhere in between.  I'm not sure how long it will take but I do know it will not be a race.

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