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Sunday, January 01, 2023

Best Photo Of 2022

I took more pictures in 2022 but that was mostly a result of our fall travels.  When you visit four 'new' countries with so much to photograph it is hard not to take a few.  The rest of the year, when we weren't traveling, I took very few photos that grabbed me.

In 2022 I marked twenty photos as 'favorites'.  Of the photos, only two were not taken during our fall travels - two photos from my doomed Appalachian Trail hike.  Three were taken in Israel.  Eight were taken in Turkey.  One was taken in Egypt (this surprised and disappointed me).  Six were taken in Ethiopia.

My favorite photo of the year was an impromptu photo, taken through the windshield of our van, on the way out of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.  I've wondered why I like it.  It doesn't capture some piece of history, nature, or art.  It captures an ordinary moment in time - a moment of life - in another place.  I suppose that is why I like this photo:

"Market Street"
by Bruce H.
(Taken the 9th of October, 2022)
I hope you had a happy and safe New Year's Eve.  2022 was, in general, a better year than I'd expected.  I hope this trend continues into 2023.  We have some travels planned this year and my camera will be with me to capture it all along the way.

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