Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #41

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #41

  • The holidays are behind us.  The oak tree ornaments put away the Thursday before New Years.  The Wife put away the Christmas tree ornaments on Friday.  I took down the Christmas tree on Saturday.  The Outside lights and wreaths came down on New Years Day.  We stayed up New Years Eve and welcomed the arrival of 2023.  Hopefully 2023 will be an improvement over the past three years.
  • Spots appeared on the ceiling over several rooms.  A roofer was called in.  He found no leaks but it was wet inside the attic and, after consulting with more experienced roofers in his office, determined that there wasn't enough ventilation in the attic resulting in air/snow being sucked into the roof vents instead of air going out.  Combine this with the more efficient whole house humidifier we had installed with our new furnace and the frigid temps we've had recently, resulted in ice forming in the attic that eventually melted leaving the water spots on our ceiling.  The roofers will be adding three turbine vents (for FREE) and two bathroom vents (which were being vented incorrectly into the attic).  The price for all this was unexpectedly low which was a good thing.
  • Watched a lot of the Sh!tshow that was the Speaker of the House selection process.
  • I started scanning/taking pictures of the eighty or so travel magnets we purchased during our Fall Travels.  I've finished the 'easy' ones (i.e. flat magnets that can be scanned in batches on my flatbed scanner) and have about forty more to photograph.   I am uploading them after I've taken pictures and edited them.  You can see them on the Travel Magnet tab at the top of the blog.
  • I walked three times each week since Christmas.  During Christmas week I walked 23 miles (37 km).  For the first week of the year I managed 19.9 miles (32 km) which wasn't a bad start to 2023.

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