Homer's Travels: Another Chance To Get It Right.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Another Chance To Get It Right.

 I started President Obama's first term with cautious hope.  Over the next eight years I was disappointed.  The President was too nice and the Congress was too obstructionist.  I still was hopeful through most of his two terms but unbeknownst to me Obama's presidency had started something malicious and idiotic.

Four years ago the hope of the New Presidency was gone.  I saw only disaster coming and, for once, my prediction came true.  The last four years of this narcissistic grifter has left our democracy in shambles with over four hundred people dead.  Conspiracies like QAnon have infiltrated the White House and the legislature.  I'm not sure where our nation is heading and it scares me.

Today we have a new President.  President Biden and Vice-President Harris enter office under the cloud of militant threats and a nation split along ideological and, frankly, idiotic lines.

Will they be able to correct our course?  Will America once again gain its proper place in this world?  My first instincts say that this will take one or two generations to right itself.  I want to have hope but I do not think there is much to inspire hope.  As always, Time will tell.

Dark Chocolate Oreos covered in fudge.

On a side note, I am continuing the tradition I started four years ago. I am eating a bag of Oreos during the inauguration.  in 2017 it was a family size bag of chocolate Oreos.  For this one it is a smaller box of fudge covered dark chocolate Oreos.

May the cookies and the next four years be full of healing.

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