Homer's Travels: Snowman And Snowmen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snowman And Snowmen.

I went for a city walk today and passed a few snowmen.

We have a painting of the Abominable Snowman painted on the side of a defunct grain elevator:

A green faced abominable snowman.
 Along another part of my walk I passed a sleepless art student's temporary art installation of eighty-four Snowmen in Leavenworth Park.  The student worked from 10:30pm to 8:30am the next day to hand roll the snowmen.  He returned to color them later.  He calls his creation "Love Army":

Alec Paul Johnsen's "Love Army".
Another view of the "Love Army".
Look at the pretty colors!


  1. Grateful you took these photos with such nice lighting. Not only do they help document "Love Army" nicely, but they are also inspirational to me for my artistic response to Johnsen's snowmen scene.

    1. Thanks for visiting Homer's Travels. I'm glad you liked my photos. I'M happy you were inspired. Thanks