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Monday, January 28, 2019

And The Next Adventure Is ... Drumroll Please ...

While I won't promise you that there won't be any adventure between now and then, our next planned adventure will be in the Chilean Patagonia.  We will be doing it almost the same as we did Iceland.  We will be flying the day after Christmas and be home sometime around the fourth or fifth of January (flights haven't been purchased yet).

By Chile - Own work, Public Domain
(Original flag graphic from Wikipedia.)
So, what are we going to do there, you ask.  We will be staying at the Singular Patagonia Hotel for four days plus a couple partial days on the arrival and departure days.  During these days we will have a large variety of activities to do.  These include trekking (for me), horseback riding (for the Wife), kayaking, bicycling, fishing, boat excursions, and cultural/city tours of historic sites including nearby Puerto Natales.  The activities range from two to thirteen hours long (these number include transportation times).

That is going to be the toughest part of this trip: deciding what mix of long and short activities you can fit in the four to five days we have.  We will probably have to make a lot of the decisions on the fly depending on what activities are available each day.

We will be staying at the Singular Patagonia Hotel which is located in "a post-Victorian cold-storage factory built by the British in 1915 for the purpose of processing sheep’s wool and meat to be shipped back to England".  Apparently it's location is terrific and the views are amazing.  We originally wanted to stay in a camp with Yurts (!!!) in Torres del Paines national park but apparently a year ahead is not ahead enough.  Our hotel sounds like a marvelous second choice with a side of quirkiness.

Unlike Iceland, we will be visiting Patagonia in the middle of the southern hemisphere's summer.  As a matter of fact it will be the most southern location we've ever been (and will remain so unless we go to Antarctica).  Instead of four hours of Icelandic daylight we will have seventeen hours of Patagonian sunlight (with another hour and a half of twilight).  I think this will be better suited for my photophilic tendencies.

All in all, we are both really looking forward to our Patagonia adventure!

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