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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A Not So Ordinary New Years

Usually the first post of the year is a story of a quiet and calm New Years eve.  I can't say how quiet and calm it was this year because we are in Iceland and this post is being drafted before we left.  This is what I do know.  On New Year's Eve day we did the "Golden Circle Classic Full Day Tour".  After the tour, if we were lucky, we celebrated the New Year with the Northern Lights (all depends on the weather gods).  Today, the Wife and I are doing our last tour in Iceland: "South Coast, Waterfalls, and Glacier Hike".  I will obviously post all the details about Iceland after we get home.

On the first of the year I also have the tradition of posting what I think is my best picture of the prior year.  Obviously I can't predict if my favorite picture of 2018 will be taken in Iceland so I will only consider pictures taken upto Christmas Day.  I will consider Iceland pictures when I select my best picture of 2019.

My best picture of 2018 was taken in Churchill, MB, Canada during our Canada-by-Rail trip.  It's a picture of a decrepit old cabin, in the late day sunshine, on the shore of the Churchill River which feeds into the Hudson Bay.

"July Light - Churchill"
by Bruce H.
(Taken on the 10th of July, 2018)
I hope you all had a calm and quiet New Years full of happy memories, family, and friends.

P.S.  If you haven't yet, visit the NASA New Horizons' site to see the flyby past kuiper belt object MU69 (aka Ultima Thule) the most distant object ever visited by a man-made probe.  The flyby took place early this morning.

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