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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Yeah ... Things Are Looking Up

Things are looking up ...
including this duck.
Today is Earth Day so I charged up the electric mower and mowed the backyard for the first time in 2018.

It's starting to feel like spring is finally here.  The sun is coming out more often and, as I draft this post, the windows are open letting a cool breeze clear out the stale air.  I've lost track of how long I've been been cooped up inside and I haven't felt like doing anything.  My mood just hasn't been conducive to activity.  My days have largely been dedicated to chores, catching up on various TV shows, a little reading, and trying to convince myself that I need to do more.  In general I've been feeling a bit blah.

This has changed a bit lately.  I started either walking or riding my trainer three times a week.  As I got out and walked I rediscovered the Sun which has been an immense help.  My mild S.A.D. is waning revealing the varying levels of depression I have been living through since I walked off the Appalachian Trail over a year ago.  This depression is also diminishing as time does its healing and the Sun clears out the shadows.  I'm starting to look forward to walking again and I am considering taking the bike off the trainer and riding in the real world once again.

Yeah ... Things are looking up.

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