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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Book: Omar Saif Ghobash's "Letter To A Young Muslim"

After reading about the end of Democracy I needed to find more positive reading material so, as my ninth book of 2018, I read Omar Saif Ghobash's "Letters to a Young Muslim".

Ghobash, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to Russia (and currently France), compiles letters he's written to his two sons explaining how to be a good Muslim in the twenty first century.  The letters touch many subjects but they are all written from a place of experience and wisdom - a gift to a new generation.

I learned a bit about Islam by reading this book.  I knew some of it but hearing it from a Worldly Muslim point of view gave a freshness to the material.  It is written in an easy to read, familiar style that makes the material feel accessible.

Every young Muslim should take the time to read this but I doubt many will and if they do I am afraid that will not accept the gift.  Ghobash is what I would call a moderate (if not liberal) Muslim and many of his ideas concerning Islam clash with the more traditional teachings of Islam.  He comes from a place of moderation, mutual respect, and diversity.  He encourages Islam to reject extremism and to embrace modernization and communication between the faiths.  Ideas that, sadly, will fall on many a deaf ear.

I gave this book four stars out of five on Goodreads because this book needs to be read and learned from.  Its style is easy to read, easy to understand, and, if followed, will make the world a better place.

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