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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Some Vermin Caught My Eye The Other Day

On my walk earlier this week I walked past the Modern Arts Midtown gallery.  While I've never gone in, and I didn't go in this time either, something in the window caught my eye.  In the window were a bunch of four inch tall figures of humans in all sorts of situations.  Engraved on their backs was "Vermin.Me".  In front of the gallery are several sculptures including a large metal sphere with a few of the little figures apparently working on the structure.

The work is by Jaime Burmeister.  Many of his pieces of sculpture include the little vermin, as he calls them, in different situations.  I'm not sure what it is but his work really peaked my interest.

Vermin.Me working hard.
(part of a work called "Eggs" by Jamie Burmeister)
I'll have to go in some day to see his other work up close.

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