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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sand In The City

It was a busy weekend in Omaha.  The summer arts festival (I talked about that last post), the Santa Lucia festival, Junkstock, and Sand in the City.  I'm sure there were even more events going on this hot weekend.  Along with the summer arts festival I decided to stop by Sand in the City.

Haulin' sand.
Sand in the City is a charity event where corporate and civic group teams build sand sculptures to raise money.  There were thirteen teams that came up with some pretty good designs.  Along with the competition, pro sand sculptors did some live demonstrations.  This was pretty impressive with not only the heat but the fairly stiff breeze that was blowing.

First Place sand sculpture.
For the kiddos, and this event was aimed at the kiddos, was a giant sand box and a big wheel race track.

There were supposed to be concessions too but the only thing there was a shaved ice truck.  I think there was just too much competition this weekend.  I was hoping for a cold drink or some ice cream to battle the heat we experienced this weekend. I think the planner of this and other events should get together and spread the events out a bit.

I didn't spend that much time here.  It was a bit too hot to linger and once you saw all the sculptures there wasn't much reason to hang around.  It was nice to get out of the house again though.

For more pictures check out my 2017-06-10 Sand in the City Google Photos album.

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