Homer's Travels: Out In The Fresh Air At The Omaha Summer Arts Festival

Friday, June 09, 2017

Out In The Fresh Air At The Omaha Summer Arts Festival

This afternoon I spent some time out in the fresh air.  I have to admit, since I got home from the Appalachian Trail (AT), I've been holed up in the house venturing out only rarely.  I haven't gone for a walk/hike since I left Blue Mountain shelter, hiked to Unicoi Gap, and left the AT.  That may change soon.

My excuse to walk out in the sun was the Omaha Summer Arts Festival.  I've gone to the festival a couple time in the last nine years.  Three blocks of downtown are shut down and art vendors from all over the country set up shop along Farnam street.  Along with art there is food and music.  There was even a man riding a twelve foot tall unicycle.

I spent most of the time perusing the expensive art -  glass, metal, paint, photography, jewelry, sculpture, leather, clothes, and more.  Every booth had something different with several making me stop to take a closer look.   I was impressed by the variety of art and food available.  Omaha puts on a good event.  I didn't buy anything but food and dippin' dots.  I don't think I could afford anything else.

Geese floating in the Gene Leahy Mall pool.
After perusing the vendor booths twice, eating lunch, watching the unicycle performer, and listening to some live Jazz, I walked along the water in the Gene Leahy Mall.  I sat down briefly to photograph a family of geese.   The heat started rising so I headed back home.

Feeling the sun on my face and just walking along the water has rekindled my desire to go walking/hiking again.  I may just have to get my walking on again.  When I do, you will be the first to know.

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  1. The Omaha Summer Arts Festival is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! Just thinking about it has me looking forward to next summer already - although the cold is enough to make me do that on its own ;)

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