Homer's Travels: Photograph: "Camino Boots"

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Photograph: "Camino Boots"

Six years ago on my first Camino, when I was resting after a long day hiking to LogroƱo, I noticed a pair of boots with flowers planted in them.  When I got home I decided I would do the same with my shoes.

I've talked about how at first I tried unsuccessfully to grow poppies.  I wanted poppies because they were so common along the Camino and often brightened my days along the way.  I finally gave up and the wife planted 'hens and chicks' in them.  They seemed to be very happy in my old shoes.

"Camino Boots"
by Bruce H.
For a few years I would bring the boots inside during the winter but they have been left out exposed to all weather for awhile now.  The leather is shrinking, pulling away from the soles, and are a bit green around the edges.  They have aged as I have - a little weathered, worse for wear, but they still have plenty of character.

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