Homer's Travels: Music: KC And The Sunshine Band With Bluffett At Loessfest.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Music: KC And The Sunshine Band With Bluffett At Loessfest.

On Friday the Wife and I went to the opening of the 5th year of Loessfest.   The opening acts were Bluffett (a Jimmy Buffett tribute band) and KC and the Sunshine Band.

One of the KC and the Sunshine Band dancers.
We started off with VIP parking and seating courtesy of the Brother-in-Law.  This landed us in the second row with a great view of the stage.  Along with the great location, our seats also was shaded from the setting sun preventing blindness.

The show started with Bluffett, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band.  I'm not a big Buffett fan so I wasn't familiar with most of the band's set but I liked the songs I did recognize.

The band we really were interested hearing was KC and the Sunshine Band.  When he came out and started singing songs I remembered from my youth I was happy but that feeling didn't last.  For one his singing voice, in my opinion, didn't age well.  For another he apparently didn't have enough of his own music to perform so he covered other songs that he liked.  I'm usually okay with a cover but I prefer to limit covers to one per concert.  I am there to her his music, not someone else's.  He also twirled too much for a man his age.  The dancers were new to me - I've never seen a show with onstage dancers before.

KC and one of his dancers.
I did enjoy some of the concert.  I don't think I was in the right mood really (I'd been having a random off-the-trail bout of remorse most of the afternoon).  I've been to worse and, I hope, will see even better concerts later this summer.

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