Homer's Travels: Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld With Mark Schiff

Friday, May 12, 2017

Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld With Mark Schiff

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Photo from Wikipedia By David Shankbone
Last night I went to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha.  Seinfeld had come through Omaha a few years ago and I'd not taken the time to see him then so when I saw he was coming back, and I was back in Omaha, I bought a ticket (The Wife was not interested in going).

I had a pretty good seat though there really aren't any bad seats in the Orpheum.  Once again I should have had a camera with me since there was very little security and no metal detectors so bringing a camera in wouldn't have been an issue.  From my seat, I would have gotten great pictures.

The show started fairly promptly with the warm-up comedian Mark Schiff.  It took me a while to warm up to him but I did start smiling by the time his twenty-minute set was over - I'm pretty tough to impress when it comes to comedy.

After a short five minute transition (it may have been shorter) Seinfeld came out and for the next hour or so he went from funny to hilarious.  I really enjoyed his comedy and his delivery.  He was very folksy with the crowd and It felt like sitting around with a funny friend.  I was laughing out loud.

He was fun and I'm happy I went.

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