Homer's Travels: Book: Charles Fernyhough's "The Voices Within"

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book: Charles Fernyhough's "The Voices Within"

It seems like it's getting harder to find non-fiction books that interest me.  The crop of non-fiction books are either retreads of subjects I've already read or are biased one way or the other.  So for my next read, I selected a field that I haven't really given much thought to ... the psychology of thought.  Specifically, what we can learn about thought from the voices in our head.  The book is Charles Fernyhough's "The Voices Within".

We all talk to ourselves, silently or out loud.  I know I do ... a lot.  I hope to learn something from this book but I have to say that there wasn't much in this book that I didn't know already.  Oh, there were a few little tidbits here and there that were new to me but all in all, there really wasn't much of a revelation in the book.  If there is a revelation it's that there is very little known and very little consensus about what we do know about the voices in our head.

I gave this book three stars out of five on Goodreads.  I was expecting more than what I got.

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