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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sock(s) It To Me

I've purchased one more piece of gear for my Appalachian Trail (AT) adventure.  It's another very important feature of foot maintenance though it's often overlooked as it isn't very exciting.  I'm talking about socks.

After shoes, socks are the most important thing to keep your feet happy.  On the AT I will be using a two sock strategy that I'm sure I've posted about many times over.  As a matter of fact I talked about them in this post from 2014.  I talked about it some more here and here.  No need to rehash I would guess.

I bought nine pairs of Omni·Wool merino wool blend socks yesterday.  I've worn these for years including both of my Caminos.  I will be packing three pairs initially and will switch out with fresh socks every two pairs of shoes.  The socks are durable and warm.  While warm, I have worn them during the heat of summer with little discomfort.  The merino wool also cuts down on the odor.

Most of the above posts talked about my experimentation and experience with toesocks.  I still have to purchase another five pairs of toesocks before my footwear system is complete but I will correct that issue sometimes over the next month or so.

Step by tiny step I am slowly getting my gear together.

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