Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Snuggle Bear ... In Pictures

Most of my friends on Facebook have already seen the Snuggle Bear pictures but there are still a few who haven't seen them all.  As you may remember, Snuggle Bear went with us on our South American Adventure.

You can see the pictures in my Snuggle Bear Flickr album.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Snuggle Bear_002
Iago giving Snuggle Bear a piggy back ride.

Snuggle Bear_007
Snuggle Bear ... the source of all rainbows.

Snuggle Bear_012
Snuggle Bear navigates the Rio Negro.

Snuggle Bear_032
Snuggle Bear chillin' with some ice cream.

Snuggle Bear_039
Snuggle Bear and fifteen of his friends on Rapa Nui.

Snuggle Bear_045
It's safety first for Snuggle Bear.

Snuggle Bear_050
Snuggle Bear on the lava flows of Santiago Island.

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