Homer's Travels: My Fifth Caminoverary

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Fifth Caminoverary

Five years ago today I put on my pack and left Saint Jean Pied de Port starting my first Camino.  I didn't know it then but it would be the start of a life changing adventure.  For the next forty days I would meet so many amazing people, hear so many amazing stories, see so many amazing vistas, and experience so much life.  The Camino entered me through the soles of my feet and never let me go.

A guide along the way.
My outlook on life changed and my need to experience life started on that day five years ago.  The Camino drove me to return for a second time, to ride RAGBRAI, and started me on the path to the Appalachian Trail.  The Camino brought me to life.  I can not express how grateful I am.


  1. That's so awesome. I'm really happy you shared that journey with us in your blog