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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Senseless Act Of Stupid

I think I've mentioned Little Free Libraries before.  I shared a picture of a cool one earlier this year.  The Wife's students decided to make one and install it along a bike/walk trail behind the school.  The Little Free Library was formally installed on the 7 May.  It was very nicely done as you can see in the picture.
The Little Free Library before the act of stupidity.
Sadly this little contribution to society, a gift to the community, a bright spot, could not survive the swinging of a bat.  Three weeks after its christening, someone apparently did not appreciate the freely given gift of literacy and destroyed the Little Free Library.


It doesn't really make sense.  Did this free gift offend you in any way?  Did the satisfaction you felt in its destruction surpass the good it would provide the community?  Did it remind you of you own illiteracy?  Or are you just petty and selfish?

When I see senseless destruction like this, and I see too much of it, I wonder if the Trump candidacy is exactly what we deserve.  Maybe Trump is all that bad karma coming back to punish us for letting all this stupid go unchecked.

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