Homer's Travels: Give Me A Trail Name ...I Dare You

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Give Me A Trail Name ...I Dare You

After seeing that David Miller had given himself his Appalachian Trail name, I have decided that I will probably do the same.  Better to pick you own name then to get an undesirable one on the trail.  I have an idea for a name but I would like to get my reader's input.

If you want to suggest a trail name, simply leave your suggestion either in the blog comments below this post, in a comment on Facebook, or as a reply on Twitter.  I will tally up the suggestions and will post the best ones in a  poll before we head out for our South American trip so people can vote for the best.

There are only a few rules:
  1. Keep it clean, people.

  2. No variations of [Name][y] Mc[Name][y]face will be accepted including Hiker McHikerface or Walky McWalkyface.  For those who are wondering where this came from, read up on the saga of Boaty McBoatFace.
So there you go.  You have until the end of May to submit suggestions.

I predict that I will get very few suggestions, if any.  I rarely get any when I have asked for input in the past.  I asked about my beard back in 2008 and got a handful.  I asked for a suggestion for a Favicon design and gone no input whatsoever.  I asked a simple trivia question and also got zero answers.  But will not give up.  Maybe this time will be the one.

Give me my Appalachian
Trail name, folks!