Homer's Travels: Want To Hear A Sad Story?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Want To Hear A Sad Story?

A few days ago I noticed that someone on Flickr with the username accpublishing1 was favoriting some of my Omaha pictures.  With the word publishing in the name I was wondering when they would ask to use one of my pictures.  I didn't have to wait long.

I got a nice message from a representative of American City Calendars.  She wanted to use one or more of my Omaha/Henry Doorly Zoo pictures.  When I read this I got really excited.  They may use one of my pictures in a calendar which could mean lots of eyeballs looking at one of my pictures.

I got even more excited when she said I would be "compensated" for their use.  While this may be a little shallow and materialistic, money is often exciting to me.

I read on and then ... my bubble of excitement deflated like a noisy balloon (you know that noisy, funny, flapping, farting noise).  The next line, the one after the mention of compensation, stated they needed pictures of at least 4000 x 2000 pixels.  The only size I had was 1280 x 960 - way too small for their needs.  The original pictures they were interested in were destroyed in the hard disk crash of October 2012.  It's been over a year and that crash is still costing me money.

That's my sad story.  Boo Hoo.


  1. Ah but at least you know you take pics good enough to capture someones attention!! It' will come around again. :-)