Homer's Travels: Olympic Ends And Oscar Shorts

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympic Ends And Oscar Shorts

Well, the Winter Olympics are over.  I have to admit I didn't watch nearly as much as I'd anticipated.  It might have been different if the time zones had been a bit closer.  I ended up watching the NBC prime time wrap up each night and I watched very little live.  The opening and closing ceremonies are all starting to blur together.  If you've seen one large stadium production, you've seen them all really.

Before the closing ceremonies even had started ... on delay ... I was moving on to the next thing.  That would be the Oscars.  On Sunday afternoon I went to the local art house theater and watched the Oscar Nominated Short Live Action and Animated films.  This was the fourth time I'd gone to see the Oscar shorts nominees.  I always enjoy them.  The short format forces the film makers to make careful choices about what is in their film.  If the choices are correct the short film can be better than many long films.

Movies are usually not at the top of my list of important things but since we started Netflix a few months ago they have recaptured some of my interest.  They also fill in some of the time once occupied by the 24 hour news channels.  More on that and how it has affected my mood in a later post.

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