Homer's Travels: A Couple Weeks Of Sport

Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Couple Weeks Of Sport

I've said it many times before but I'm not much interested in sports - especially team sports.  There are a few exceptions though.

The first is the Super Bowl.  I do try to watch it every year but, I have to be frank, I watch it mostly for the commercials ... and now for the tweets.  The game last Sunday was not the most exciting but I did enjoy it for one sort of selfish reason and that is the so-called Super Bowl Indicator.  The indicator is a strange coincidence, and that's all it is, that when an old NFC team wins the super bowl the stock market will end up that year and if an old AFC team wins it will go down for the year.  While there isn't any real connection between football and the direction of the stock markets, the indicator has been correct 80% of the time which is a better record than most stock pickers.  The Seahawk win means, if the coincidence holds, the market will end up for the year.  Let's all hope for happy coincidences.

The other sporting event I follow starts today:  the Winter Olympic Games.  I have always tried to watch as much of the Summer and Winter Olympics as I can which means that I will be watching a lot of TV for the next couple of weeks ... or at least I'll try.  The Olympics fit in with my sports aesthetic - many of the sports are solo or small team challenges.  I prefer to watch the world record being broken or the underdog pulling a little extra oomph from deep down in their gut to beat the favorite.

The sad part of this Olympics is the location.  I wonder, how many people will tune in, not see the athletes, but to see if there has been a terrorist attack.  Let's all hope they are disappointed when the only tally read is the number of medals won by each country.

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