Homer's Travels: Twelve Days In ...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twelve Days In ...

So.  Has anything happened in the last week?

It was a too cold and icy for riding bike but I did manage to get a couple long walks in.  I even managed not to fall down on the ice on the second walk, something I cannot say about the other three walks I've taken in 2013.

The same walk was also my first walk in a new pair of shoes.  I probably should have broken them in on a shorter walk but I ended up taking an 11 mile walk in them.  I now have a blister, though a very small one, on one of my toes.  Since the rest of my feet feel pretty good I regard the new shoes a success.

When I bought these shoes, New Balance 956s, I did something different: I bought two pair.  This is the same type of shoe I've been wearing for almost a year now and these are the shoes I will be walking my second Camino in.  I know that the pair I started walking in this week will be worn out by the time I head to Spain so buying a second pair means I will have a fresh pair ready when I walk across Spain again.  Just for reference, In the first seven months of 2012 I walked over 427 miles and that despite not walking much in China/Nepal/Bhutan/India.  I tend to put quite a bit of mileage on my shoes.

I also got an interesting email from an editor of a small town newspaper this week.  The newspaper is putting together a tourism magazine and he wanted to do an email interview about one of the Iowa state parks I posted about a few years ago.  The questions were simple and covered why I went to Lake of Three Fires, what I did there, and what I liked about the park.  He was even going to use some of the pictures I took but they were too small for publication (The full size versions were lost in the NAS debacle).  This will be a first for me ... assuming he actually publishes any of my answers.  Writing about the park has got me thinking about going back there sometime this spring.  It would be a good place to train with a backpack and trekking poles.

That was pretty much it for me this week.  Things are going well with Iago.  I've had to add a second vacuuming day to my chores list to keep up with the dog hair ... or at least try to keep up.  There are a few things coming in the next couple months that will be fun to write about.  For now my life is going well ... not much excitement ... but nothing bad either.  So far so good.


  1. Oooh the news paper sounds exciting! Look at you. Pretty soon you're going to be a smash world wide with your traveling adventures. Yup, yup!

    I love finding a good pair of shoes. I'm good on sandals, but I haven't found the right walking shoes yet. 427 miles! That's impressive!!

    1. Miss B: I'm excited about the paper too. They will send me a copy once it's published in a few months.

      Thank you. Baring any unexpected injuries I expect to top 1,000 this year.

  2. I wish I was as organized as you, and able to keep track of all the miles I've hiked, how many I've put on a particular set of boots, etc.

    Good luck on the publication! I might be just a little bit jealous... :)

    1. GH: I just keep a spreadsheet on Google Drive. I've now got it linked so when I update the spreadsheet it shows up on Homer's Travels. I can be a little number obsesive at times.