Homer's Travels: Five Days In

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Five Days In

2013 is five days old.  This year has started on a busy note.  Nothing really exciting, just house work and chores - catching up on the paperwork that fills up our lives.

The Wife's brother called this morning.  He suffered a minor heart attack and is in the hospital.  Seems like the health issues that have plagued our families since last August are continuing.  Hopefully he will do well once the doctor's have a chance to thoroughly look him over.

Iago is doing well.  He's adjusting to his new surroundings quite well. Many people, myself included, were concerned that changing his name would be confusing for him but, after being in our house for a week he already answers to his new name.

He sleeps on a dog bed on my side of the bedroom.  He's been having trouble sleeping through the night.  He gets up a few times each night just to make sure we are still in bed.  He walks over to check on the Wife first then he checks to see I'm there before getting back into his bed.

One strange thing about Iago is that he doesn't know how to play.  He will run after a thrown ball, bring it back, and drop it at your feet (Homer never learned to drop things) but he grows tired of it quickly.  The Matron of Honor and Best man gave him this chicken toy.  Iago will hardly touch it.  He thinks about picking it up but then it squeaks and he walks away.  He behaves the same with all of Homer's old toys.  He doesn't even like chewing on his nylabone.  Iago is his own dog.

As for me, I started the year right with a couple of nine mile walks.  My feet are feeling pretty good.  I'm walking with some new custom insoles and they feel pretty good so far.

I really don't have any major projects besides keeping the house clean ... or trying to now that we have a shedding dog living with us.  I've started buying things for my next Camino.  Little things that I'll talk about later.  I'm still recovering from losing the backup drive.  I now have three or four copies of everything (computer, external USB drive, NAS, and online backup service) - a little overkill maybe but something I should have done a long time ago.  I'm using the loss to reorganize my files into a more logical system.  I downloaded all the pictures I'd uploaded to Flickr, all 6,640+, and I'm slowly sorting them into folders and renaming all the files.  Fortunately I had copies of my best pictures up on Flickr.  Sadly most of the pictures of the Wife and I were not on Flickr and many good pictures of ourselves,  friends, and family are gone now.

That's enough rambling for now.  Ready for week number two.


  1. Still sorry about the loss of that drive. Wish there was more I could'a done (or at least some miracle I could have performed) that would'a helped.

    And, in all fairness, you have to admit the chicken is a little creepy. ;)

    1. GH: You gave me good suggestions but it was just not ment to be.

      It looks worse now.