Homer's Travels: Nineteen Days In ...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nineteen Days In ...

Another week has gone by and things are moving slowly forward.  I did a couple walks around Omaha this week - a total of about twenty-one miles.  The weather was wonderful and my feet feel back to normal.  Overall, I'm feeling pretty good body-wise.

Iago is calming down and his routine is starting to mesh with ours.  I think I've mentioned that he used to be a farm dog but he ran into trouble when he would get out and kill the neighbor's chickens.  I thought it was funny when the Matron of Honor and Best Man gave him a chicken toy for Christmas.  I also mentioned that he didn't play with toys much.  A week or so ago I managed to get him to play with the chicken.  He just needed to get over his fear of the squeak.  Well, the Wife saw first hand how Iago handles chickens: He pins them down and, as you can see, tears their heads off.  The chicken is now in the trash.

I want to touch on some Comments I received on Homer's Travels over the past week.  First I want to say that the reaction I got from my Fallen Star picture took me by surprise.  I didn't mean to bum everyone out.  It just caught my eye while I was out for a walk.  I have to be frank and say that most of the things that catch my eye, especially during the winter, can be a little depressing but I find beauty in those images.  I will try to post some more uplifting pictures but you all have to be prepared for less uplifting pictures as well.  Sorry.

The other comment was posted by my blog friend GeekHiker.  He commented about my lack of plans.  I do have things planned but they are all short term things.  I'm going to a "Camino de Santiago Conversation" at our local Backwoods outdoors store where I will share my experience with other Camino walkers and people planning to do their own Caminos.  The Wife and I are going ice fishing with family at Lake Cornelia. We are joining the Matron of Honor and the Best Man up in Minnesota for some dog sledding (!!!).  I'm going to do the Trek up the Tower for the second time.  We are going curling for the third time ... maybe we won't be in last place this time.   And there is roller derby to watch.

Lot's of little things.  The only project I am working on is preparing for the Camino (I just figured out how I'm getting from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid in time to catch my plane home).  I still have things to buy and all the walking I'm doing is preparing me for the Camino.  But that's it so far.

I am not much of a volunteer type of guy like GeekHiker who helped build houses in Fiji.  We have no vacations planned this year ... though there is one domestic one that may materialize this summer.  I am still sorting through the pictures I downloaded from Flickr which I work on here and there - I guess you could call that a project but it's not much of one.

I'm just letting this year take me by the hand and lead me around.  Time will fly or it will crawl.  In the mean time, I have chores to do.


  1. Okay, totally didn't expect to be called out like that. :)

    Still, little plans are plans, and by no means do your plans have to match my plans. I think that last post had sorta sounded to me like you had nothing at all planned but just to watch the days go by, which just didn't sound like a good course of action. And, of course, the Camino is BIG thing. So keep the activities coming! (And the pictures too. Even the sad ones.)

    1. GH: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition ... or to be called out for a comment.

      I will try to keep things going.