Homer's Travels: Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Pereje To O Cebreiro

Friday, October 07, 2011

Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Pereje To O Cebreiro

This stage took me into the autonomous region of Galicia, one of the most beautiful areas I walked through along the Camino.

Dense Forest along the Camino.
Stone steps similar to the ones used by the Inca in Peru.
Not all ruins along the Camino were old.
Precarious tree over the path to La Faba.
The Japanese television crew (the Starlet is in red) talk to some bicycle pilgrims in La Faba.
You are entering Galicia.
Candles in the O Cebreiro church.  I lit a candle for the Wife.
An incredible  view of the Galician hills.
These pictures and many more have been added to my 2011 Camino de Santiago Google Photos album.


  1. That day is tough but it's so worth it. O'Cebreiro is a wonderful little village. Looking down the mountain does make you feel on top of the world. Again, beautiful pictures. The ones of the woods are almost poetic...

  2. GV: Thank you. It was a tough day but reaching O Cebreiro felt sooo good. It will be a while before i forget the sights from up there.

    You should write the poem.