Homer's Travels: Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Foncebadón To Ponferrada

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Foncebadón To Ponferrada

I took quite a few pictures along this stretch of Camino.  It was a beautiful day to walk the Camino and I found plenty to photograph.

Sunrise over Foncebadón on the way to the Cruz de Ferro.
First light at the Cruz de Ferro - a place to leave your burdens.
Signs at the Manjarín albergue.

The Camino starts heading down - a rarity.  The views along this section were gorgeous.
Possible the most photographed goats in Spain.
I've seen a couple pictures of this guy or his/her brothers and sisters in Riego de Ambros.
An attempt to photograph my shadow and marker.
I missed a better opportunity earlier along the Camino.
Instead of Indiana Jones, I think my shadow looks like Santiago.
My best shot of the Knights Templar castle in Ponferrada
These and several more pictures have been added to my 2011 Camino de Santiago.  Don't forget to click through to see all the pictures including the one of the cute dog.

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